Sunday, 1 June 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Your month with a time for celebration, particularly after the 23rd when Venus is also in your sign and those born in May can really feel the power of love life and happy creativity.

However your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 7th suggesting that some of you before the 17th will find that finances are definitely in a state of uncertainty. There will be delays and that cheque will not be in the post, and after the 17th, particularly if born after June 14th will definitely feel that they are on another planet when it comes to talking to others and so much will have to be repeated and so much will not happen, as you would have like it to. Hiccups related to technology can abound.

Mars is on your side if born May 30th to June 9th. He is encouraging a life force of energy that is very harmonious, connected to love life, the arts and speculative ventures. You feel alive and intelligent in your energies. When it comes to offspring/creative energies are very positive

Uranus is for those born June 5th to 8th bringing excitement and innovation from friends and it is making your more humanitarian in instinct. New projects, new directions are there for the taking. Trust your intuition and recognise a more divergent or lateral advantage growing in your viewpoint.

Neptune is creating a sort of slight of hand affect for those born May 28th-30th.  You may feel unsafe, uncertain or disillusioning, probably in terms of your profession situation. Check you see clearly and avoid gullibility or being taken advantage of .It is also very possible that your heart is crying out to have some greater emotional satisfaction in your work as your feelings are now demanding to be equal to the power of your brain

The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th is going to target those born June 13th-15th. For this group there will be some sense on that day of others bring some revelation to your door that reflects what has been developing for some time. This is a clearinghouse of emotional tension and may herald a closing of a chapter.

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