Sunday, 1 June 2014


                               by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Mars is returning to the same degrees of the zodiac as he occupied in late April, early May; a very difficult place, as he is once again opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, creating a rather harsh T-square. This is triggering the Uranus square Pluto configuration that we have been haunted by for several years, suggesting more uprisings and some chaos socio-politically of an increased nature in the world. Recent European election results are reflecting more extremist stances becoming more underlined, whether it is the Syriza party in Greece, or UKIP in Britain or Marie le Pen’s party in France.  Mars, now so afflicted, is creating a collective anger against the status quo that is often irrational and opportunistic and which can be directed at easy/obvious targets, whilst the steady leviathan of abusive power in the big corporate structures continues happily unabated and largely out of the public eye

Invisible forces are so much harder to understand or fight than conveniently created visible ones.

Unrest is inevitable and called for, as the powers that be ignore certain elephants in the room, notably the non sustainability of an ongoing turbo capitalist driven growth, fuelled by the destruction of the earth’s natural living systems by meta corporate power, in pursuit of every last drop of oil, coal and gas.

This however seems to be a tacitly agreed taboo subject. It is truly an inconvenient truth.

In the collective unconscious we all know the totally unacceptable end result of continuing to live, worshipping at the altar of growth/ materialism, but it is hard to articulate or confront honestly.

The people serve capitalism now; capitalism does not serve the people, as once it did; and that is largely what is creating so much unrest, as reflected in the ongoing astrological Pluto squaring Uranus, currently triggered so powerfully by the direct Mars factor.

Mars in Libra is about fighting for justice and fairness, as perceived by the individual involved, which is obviously very subjective. Mars however, in its current astrological configuration, is also explosive and accident-prone and its energies can correlate with some significant disruptive turbulence both geo-politically and geo –physically.

Volcanic eruptions /earthquakes are probably more likely this month.

Nature will be our ultimate master.

Hopefully as Neptune catches up to harmonise with Pluto, there will be some balance acquired and a greater sense of compassion for the planet, but it may take some significant shocks, in terms of climate change intensity and speed and its fallout, to make palliative action a necessity.

Mercury famously moves rerograde on the 7th, and stays in reverse mode till the July 2nd . When he retreats it is a time commonly experienced as things being blocked delayed or simply put on hold . Patience is demanded. However his real purpose is to offer a chance to rethink, revisit issues, review our goals, priorities and strategies and make changes accordingly, in order to improve our future somehow.

The USA Chart is facing challenges from Pluto and Uranus, which will haunt it for some 18 months to come. This will seriously challenge its economic model, as growing economic inequality becomes a serious cause for concern amongst the population.  Also foreign policy (or lack of it) will become subject to increasing controversy.

However apart from this energy, which will be very strong around mid-month, there are some very positive and productive transits, and people pressure will go a long way to overpower some of the more ruthless influences on our planet.

Innovation and scientific breakthroughs are likely around the 6th, the arts are favoured around the 4th, harmony may prevail around the 18th and inspiration and increased compassion is underlined from around the 29th.

Some disillusionment and reality checks however are strong around the 13th at the same time as Mars, Uranus and Pluto are so active.

The full Moon falls on the 13th at 22° of Sagittarius and the new Moon on the 27th falls at 5° of Cancer. 

Full moons bring dénouements and eruptions from deep within the individual and collective unconscious. Endings of chapters are heralded and a reaping of consequences is flagged up. The new Moon, by contrast, suggests the birth of the new and a sowing of new potential for the future.

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