Sunday, 1 June 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Focus is very much on career and your public standing this month, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. You need to shine, but from the 7th when Mercury moves retrograde, (and it is your ruling planet) you may well find that frustrations are all around. Don’t push if things just don’t move. Have patience to rethink. All you can do is to ensure that all messages are received correctly and that you receive others’ accurately too.

Before the 23rd Venus is in harmonious angle for all of you and augurs very well for happy holidays; and love life and creative pursuits go hand-in-hand with foreign connections. As always when Mercury is retrograde, check travel schedules.

After the 23rd August born Virgos will have a chance to combine their skills at work with their natural charms, which will be a bonus to you.

Jupiter is in happy connection with all born September 12th to 20th. Friendships and social life are thriving, your goals are being furthered, your leadership skills exploited and your generosity acknowledged. Friends are a particularly positive influence in your life currently.

If born September 8th to 12th a seriousness and incisiveness of thought and a very grounded and measure approach to life serves you very well. Cautiousness is positively employed. Saturn is keeping you in check and pointing you in the right direction.

If born September 4th to 7th your empowerment and transformational ability should not be underestimated, particularly in all matters to do with love life and creativity. This is a time for confidence and self-reinvention as Pluto gives you his rare gift of a sense of destiny, depth, purposeful effectiveness and will.

Neptune however is creating smoke and mirror effects for those born August 29th-31st.
Others are confusing and maybe not what they seem, or you are projecting onto them what you wish to see, being vulnerable to over idealism now. Have a care and get the opinion of grounded people, who have your best interests at heart. Creativity however is inspired.

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