Sunday, 1 June 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Focus on money can be constructive and productive this month and there is a potential feeling of the unexpected in terms of gain.

However Mercury moving retrograde from the 7th suggests, particularly after the 17th that finances slow down in some way and there may be a need to rethink, just as there may well be some payments that are not forthcoming.

Before the 23rd, your ruler Venus is in your sign, and for all of you there will be a sense of feeling good, looking good, and your own personal allure and charisma is strong. After the 23rd, finances are supported by these charms.

Energy abounds in working life, which is helpful, and Jupiter smiles on those born May 10th to 19th. Intelligence is strong, communications are successful, giving presentations and getting heard brings progress. Intelligent use of luck can further your life. Travel too can be positive.

However Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio is also bringing a few trials and tribulations to those born May 6th to 10th. Others are demanding, duty is on the cards, tiredness envelopes you and it is a time to make some decisions about the validity of certain relationships in your life, how much are some significant people in your life genuinely good teachers and how much are a needless oppression. Karma is boomeranging back to you in some way and karmic obligations do seem apparent.

Neptune now favours those born April 27th-29th. Friends are very supportive, sensitive and there is a new sense of empathy and a real connection with others. Your inspiration both creatively and in terms of . Nature inspires you as does being near the sea and music heals.

Pluto however is very positive if born May 2nd to 5th. He is bringing wisdom, growth, profundity of understanding, depth and a sense of regenerative empowerment and almost a sense of destiny is in the air.

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