Friday, 1 August 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th.

This month focuses much on your everyday work, routine and also on health issues. There is an ability and need to shine and to get on with some practicalities in life, even if some of the squares to Saturn evident this month make the going a little tough. At least Venus before the 12th is going to be aiding and abetting love life and leisure if born after March 6th and after the 12th harmony and charm can be used to your advantage in your working life.  From the 15th if born up to March18th your ability to get heard and to open positive doors of communication is underlined, courtesy of Mercury.

Mars’ new position is Scorpio works quite well for your fellow water sign energy. It augurs well for energy and drive in connection with your passions, particularly to do with the intellectual/ philosophical/spiritual, and also for legal issues and travel. Jupiter, your co ruler is also showing you some advantages in your working potential. Just beware of over-confidence.

At least those born March 6th to 9th have Saturn giving a steady hand when it comes to serious thinking, obligation and duty, particularly connected to long-distance issues

Neptune remains firmly attached to the energies of those born around February 24th to 26th. Never has this group been so inspired on a positive level or idealistic and indeed ultra sensitive with psychic powers possibly manifesting. The down side is possible confusion/delusion, over idealism, resulting in hypersensitivity and escapism. Use this new sense of exquisite sensitivity where boundaries between you and others are totally amorphous, to lift others up, rather than try to run away, or to let others drag you down.

Pluto is positively strengthening the energies of those born March 1st –3rd.He is bringing a sense of courage, purpose, destiny and self-empowerment especially in a leadership role. Your power is incisive and goes far, so use it consciously wisely and without ego.

The new Moon of the 25th falls opposite the Suns of those born Feb 20th-22nd. For you there is a sense of an initiation of the new, or the reborn re others.

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