Wednesday, 1 October 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

This is a good time for travel and holiday plans but on the 4th when Mercury moves retrograde, be aware that those plans can somehow get frustrated, or travel becomes complicated. Academic issues can also be problematic and communications can go astray, and indeed between the 4th and 10th professional communications can be unsatisfactory. After the 16th, when Mercury starts to go direct again, more normality resumes

Before the 23rd however, love and travel can go hand-in-hand and higher/further study is underlined and after the 23rd many of you will find that your charms work for you at work provided you are not sycophantic.

Mars is very much on your side before the 26th if born after January 30th. Your goals and ability to work with others are impressive and successful. Intelligence abounds and ambition is strong, provided it is for the greater good. After the 26th however one need to be a little aware of not sitting on any frustrated anger and letting it seethe. Deal with it calmly with the right people at the right time.

If born February 3rd to 10th, Jupiter is tempting extravagance, the good life, over-indulgence and over-generosity to others. Be sure they are worth it. Travel is also a draw.

If born February 8th to 13th, Saturn is demanding his pound of flesh in the guise of challenges and difficulties and oppressions in your professional capacity. Rise to the occasion and do not let under-confidence get the better of you, and face facts.

Uranus however is powerful as your ruling planet in enhancing the lives now of those born around February 2nd to 4th. He quite simply is bringing your best intuition and desire to be uniquely you to the fore. You think outside the box and are impressive. Take a leap into the future that is more true for you.

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