Wednesday, 1 October 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

October is a time to excel creatively. It also focuses on offspring and the full enjoyment of life. It can be party time and romance can be much involved.

Mercury, your ruler, retrograde from the 4th suggests that before the 10th there may be disruptions at work or problems with colleagues, not singing from the same hymn sheet, and after the 10th, romantic and offspring issues may be complex, but from the 16th things start to calm. It’s a good idea to get important communications finalised before the 4th or after the 16th. However Venus in Libra till the 23rd enhances and protects love life and your creativity.

Mars is in your opposite sign before the 26th so for all born after June 2nd keep on your toes re others who are confrontational and you also can be on the warpath. Your assertiveness can be constructive provided it isn’t over-assertiveness, but showdowns are in the air.

Jupiter is benevolent now if born June 5th to 12th. He adds wisdom to your thinking and power to words. People listen and it is a good time for signing contracts, rubber-stamping deals and for making sense of your thoughts in a way that is lucky for you.

Uranus too if born around June 5th brings eureka moments and people are light bearers and way-showers for you, particularly friends who are unusual, unique and they can really kick-start a new idea, thought or adventure and you can think outside the box in order to pursue goals and ingenious paths when working in a group. Your uniqueness can shine.

If born around May 25th to 28th, be aware that Neptune continues to confuse, delude or inspire, if grounded, in your working life, but if you aren’t working for what you believe in and which your heart embraces, you will not be happy. This is a time when you have to consider the power of the feelings as much as the brain, but be clear about professional issues and don't take too much at face value. This is a time to float and trust the trade winds, as change is subtle and you are undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis, particularly in your profession.

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