Wednesday, 1 October 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

October is a time to focus on money, but because Mercury goes retrograde on the 4th many of   you may realise that the cheque is not in the post and all sorts of hiccups abound re finances. After the 16th things start to move forward again.

Before the 10th many of you will feel a little stressed at your inability to explain yourself in a way that other people understand or accept. Definitely not reading from the same hymn sheet as others. As Mercury is your ruling planet, you feel this.

Before the 23rd Venus suggests protection around finances, and after the 23rd those August born Virgos will feel enhanced by your own charms and the affections of others.

Before the 26th, if born after September 3rd energies around you maybe a little bit discordant on the domestic/ real estate front, and you are irritable. Other people somehow offend your sense of perfectionism. Be aware. Your energy is rather discordant as far as others are concerned. However after the 26th the mood changes to be more constructive in energy.

Saturn is keeping the tiller steady, sure, focused and disciplined if born September 12th to 17th. Your mind is grounded and sensible. It will bring reward even if it is a little tough going.

Neptune however is opposing still the Suns of those born August 27th to 30th. There is a feeling still of some uncertainty in the air and lack of solidity in relationships. Others feel elusive and some smoke and mirrors could be around, and you could also be projecting on to others what you want to see, rather than seeing reality, and others may be a little economical with the truth. It is great for the arts and spiritual pursuits, but keep grounded and see reality. Check the small print on all agreements.

However Pluto is really empowering the creative and romantic powers of all born September 3rd to 5th. Not for you self-effacement, but to own your empowerment this area without the problem of ego. Children of the mind or body are regenerative and of good consequence.

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