Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd – December 21st

Friendships and collective projects are favoured this month, i.e. working for others not just for one's self. However after the 4th when Mercury moves retrograde, some of you may start to feel a little misunderstood and as if you are thinking very differently to other people and that is frustrating. After the 10th goals seem blocked and friends may seem as though they are not cooperating. However after the 16th the green light definitely goes on and you will understand why there was a need for a review. Despite all this, before the 23rd, you will never show unkindness and people will always give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mars is directly affecting those born after December 3rd. For this group you are really energised, driven and activated. You are kept on your toes and competitive, but make sure that your assertive nature, that is so strong during this time, doesn't tip over into plain aggression, and for women, the power of men will be impacting, and after the 26th some of you will feel the desire and have the will to secure finances.

All born December 6th to 13th have Jupiter on their side. Travel or news from long-distance is cheering and academic connections are very positive. Your philosophical nature is strong and optimism and luck abound. Remember to share your problems with others however and ask for help.

Uranus is excellent for those born December 6th to 8th. The power of love, the impact of offspring and a sense of liberation is in the air and creatively you are unique in your thinking. This is a period of celebrating your individuality and seeing a different future.

 Neptune however is creating still, for those born November 26th-28th a sense of vague uncertainty, confusion and maybe some feeling of having lost ones way a little. All is foggy and you need sleep and music and the healing power of nature and to check the small print of all ideas, plans and people.  You are in metamorphosis; so don’t make any decisions that are irreversible just now.

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