Wednesday, 1 October 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Domestic bliss calls and the desire for nesting, but Mercury moves retrograde from the 4th suggesting that before the 10th a few issues connected to creativity, offspring or love life can get a little slowed, and after then, and particularly before the 16th there may be some domestic hiccups and family communications are not so successful. However after the 16th everything eases, so delay important communications and messages until then. Despite all this, Venus in your 4th house suggests contentment within your being,

After the 23rd if born up to July 2nd, there is a spark of love life lit up.

After the 26th if born up to June 26th there is a suggestion of feisty people being in your life and there may be challenges that you have to rise to in relationships. People are not pushovers, and you too can be quite forceful in response.

Saturn is constructive if born July 13th to 17th. He is making you work hard and with discipline and with patience, particularly when it comes to romantic and creative input. Duty and obligation is in the air and you can earn respect for maturity.

However if born around July 7th, Uranus still brings in his long haul and rare visitation to square your Sun, a sense of uncertainty, rebellion and adrenalin in your working life. All is unpredictable and you lack control. You need change and it is scary. Don't push the river – let change emerge. Embrace it when it happens and don't push it before it's ready.

Pluto also is challenging still for those born around July 2nd to 4th. Others are somehow challenging and you feel you are around people with dark agendas, and you have to be very calm, draw boundaries, don't sink to their level and if necessary keep as squeaky clean as possible. Endings of chapters and relationships are in the air as you see truth that may not be comfortable about others. This can be life changing but ultimately empowering as the phoenix rises out of the ashes of the old.

Neptune is pleasantly inspiring spiritually and psychically now especially though travel or study if born June 25th-28th.

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