Wednesday, 1 October 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Work, routine, rationalisation of everyday life is important this month, but with Mercury retrograde from the 4th, you could find up to the 10th that relationships are fraught with misunderstandings and after the 10th everyday work schedules can be frustrated and technology may not be that reliable. After the 16th the jigsaw starts to fit together again, so important stuff needs to be addressed before the 4th and after the 16th for best results.

Your charms are constant all month and after the 23rd if born in April, then love life and people's affections can be relied on to bring satisfaction, and new relationships are promising.

After the 26th if born up to April 25th energy and intellectual energy is strong, which brings the ability to think in a way that energises you psychically. Travel and adventure calls.

Jupiter is bringing for those born May 5th to 12th a sense of self-indulgence, particularly to do with real estate and family and a little bit of complacency and over-confidence too. Beware!

If born between May 11th and 15th Saturn brings strains, stresses, obligations, reality checks, maturity from the direction of others. Relationships can feel burdensome. Only you can decide whether this is a valid experience for you to have. Blocks and restrictions are likely and hard work is necessary, as is duty. What we need and what we want are often two different things
Pluto is still bringing courage and strength to those born May 1st-3rd. He is expanding consciousness and the power of wisdom, travel and powerful long distance influences are creating real opportunities to show what you are made of. Destiny is in air . This influence of the last 2 years wanes from December, so savour now Neptune too is a blessing now if born April 25th –27th. Friends with empathy and compassion are there for you as you are for them.  Love of nature and creative appreciation and ability abound now too.

The solar eclipse falls in your opposite sign on the 23rd directly affecting all born around April 22nd. For this group this is a very positives sign in relationships when the new can be born or the healing of the old can be in the air. This can set a new mood for the future.

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