Wednesday, 1 October 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is your birthday month so you are in shining mood in theory. Mercury moves retrograde on the 4th and into your sign in this motion on the 10th suggesting that after that date, many of you will be revisiting issues from last month with a chance to get things more accurate this time. Mercury is a chance to review. After the 16th however, if born October 8th to 14th everything starts to slot into place.

Before the 23rd most of you will experience a sense of extra aesthetic appreciation, happiness, emotional richness and a sense of positivity, and after that date, many of you may feel quite secure and satisfied with financial transactions.

For all born after October 4th, from the 26th is a time when intellect is energised and you are able to make constructive progress in all efforts. After the 26th those born in the first three days of Libra, may feel like a bit of a bull in a china shop, and family issues are not easy.

Jupiter however is kind now to those born October 7th to 15th. Friendships go well, goals are fulfilled with good leadership skills, and you feel in the right place at the right time.

However if born around October 6th to 8th, you continue to have Uranus opposing your Sun, giving reason to feel a little chaotic and uncertain, mainly because of the influence of others that is unstable and unpredictable. They are in fact liberators, but you don’t like your peace and predictability disturbed. However in this case they are shaking you up for a better future.

Pluto also is still bringing a final chapter home to you after a long chapter of some uncomfortable overt or covert power struggles, if born round October 5th. Family/home issues are being finalised after some discomfort and a healing is at hand somehow.

The Lunar eclipse is on the 8th and is directly also affecting this same above group but also including those born around October 9th. For you there may well be a sense of eruptions and catalysts and truths to be faced, as other people present you with some truths that are difficult, but which ultimately mark the end of a chapter.

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