Wednesday, 1 October 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

The Sun in your opposite sign brings a month for focus on relationships and the power of others on you, but be aware that Mercury retrograde, particularly after the 10th brings the potential for feeling frustrated in terms of misunderstandings/miscommunications particularly before the 16th. Thereafter things improve and you make headway.

Venus is helping, so at least you have your charms, which can help overcome problems.
Also for April born Aries, Mars is very supportive before the 26th. He brings ideological vigour; intellectual strength and travel can be an exciting adventure, which can be very constructive.

After the 26th however, if born between March 21st and 25th, be careful that work doesn't become an arena for some aggression, aggravation, irritation and some inflexibility.

Jupiter is also helpful now if born April 4th to 11th. He is bringing exuberance, confidence, optimism, a sense of luck and protection, particularly connected to creativity, love life and offspring issues. You may feel a bit of a party animal too.

Pluto from early 2013 till December this year has continued to challenge the suns of those born March 31st-April 2nd. So know that this chapter is finalising. Power struggles with authority figures and any abuses of power are to be called time on by the universe and new chapters arise out of the ashes of the old. You are stronger after this period.

Uranus since May, still sits on the Suns of those born around April 3rd to 6th and remains so until April 2015. It’s a time of change, disruption, waking up to new possibilities, seeing things through a new prism and becoming more radical in outlook. It’s positive and kick-starts you into a freer future. Meanwhile do not be too impulsive or burn bridges. You are awakening.

The Lunar eclipse falls in your sign on the 8th targeting this same above group. Therefore this small band of Aries will be feeling around then, a real culmination of events that somehow erupts from your own unconscious, but they may be catalysed by others words and actions. It is a time of endings that ultimately can be fruitful, but be prepared to face truths from self and others. It’s a time of expiation.

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