Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Not a time for superficiality. This is a month for depth and for intensity re finances and relationships and many of you may be revisiting after the 10th, issues that were not fully resolved last month. From the 4th travel plans may be delayed, blocked, restricted and long-distance communications could suffer too when Mercury goes retrograde, and after the 10th it's likely that finances could become blocked, particularly when they are linked to others finances. From the 16th problems are lifted.

From the 23rd however, if born in February, emotions and affections are constructive, deep and satisfying.

However before the 26th, if born after March 2nd, Mars suggests that there could be some irritation, anger and confrontation connected to authority figures or in the work place, and your own drive and demeanour can cause problems with others. After the 26th if born up to February 2nd, constructive progress is indicated.

Travel for duty and connected to hard work is likely if born March 10th to 15th and a serious, metaphysical and philosophical outlook is demanded and study is hard but satisfying.

For those born February 22nd to 25th, Neptune still haunts you in a way that brings the most exquisite sensitivity and psychic, spiritual and creative gifts, but the flip side is desire for escape, and a super hypersensitivity that is painful. Addictive tendencies are also underlined. Some illusion and delusion is possible but empathy and compassion is very much the positive side of this sensitivity.  Keep your feet on terra firma.

Pluto is currently still enhancing in a very regenerative way the powers of those born March 1st-2nd. For this group there is a sense of influence over others and your intelligent insight gets noticed.  Using your power wisely for the greater good is the way to go. This happens every 124 years and has been with you since February 2013 and it is a power that wanes from December. Do not waste.

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