Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Perhaps a little retreat may help this month, and behind-the-scenes dealings with be fruitful. If you need things to happen without hitch, the first four days of the month, before Mercury moves retrograde is the time to hit the button. After the 4th and before the 10th, frustrations are likely for Scorpios born in the first few days of the sign. After the 10th and before the 16th, a sense of intellectual isolation may also be strong. After the 16th you start to get heard again.

Many of you before the 23rd could spend time happily behind-the-scenes helping others, without regard to ego, even in the face of some frustrations.

After the 23rd, all born up to November 3rd have love and Cupid on their side. Charms and charisma abound and others' affections enhance life. Love and money are favoured. Mars in Sagittarius underlines your natural drive for financial security and after the 26th those born in the first two days of Scorpio find that their intellectual prowess is on the ball.

If born November 7th to 14th, be aware that Jupiter is encouraging much self-indulgence and pushing the boat out a little too far. Arrogance and over-confidence at work can backfire.

However for those born November 12th to 17th, Saturn is very much slowing you down, blocking you, bringing reality checks and forcing you to work extremely hard at what you need to do and maybe rather than what you want to do. It is a time of karma and the necessity principle and look after your health. Tiredness is often part of the picture and some humility is helpful.  Pluto, your ruler is continuing to bring incisive, forensic insight and thought to those born November 3rd –5th. This decreases in power from December, so value. Meanwhile if born October 27th-30th, Neptune still is blessing you with a sense of creative inspiration and a gentleness of soul influences your relationships and decisions more than ever.

The solar eclipse falls in your sign on the 23rd in your sign and directly affects those born literally cuspal Scorpio (around October 24th). For this group a sense of a significant new beginning is in the air, a time to sow new seeds.

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