Wednesday, 1 October 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

A lot of focus is on your professional situation this month, but be aware that from the 10th you may be reading from a different hymn sheet from those you work with. After the 16th however things clarify and the green light goes on.

Before the 10th you may feel that your friends are off the mark and a little flaky. Be patient – they just need some space.

Many of you, despite some frustrations at work, will find that your charms and allures and PR skills are nevertheless your friends, and after the 23rd if born in December, social life and the affections from others are strong and positive.

Before the 26th many of you need to be aware that you are sitting on a bit of a cauldron of potential frustration and anger. Do not seethe. Get out your feelings calmly and clearly, as the issues arise.

However after the 26th if born December 22nd to 26th, Mars on your Sun is really energising. Ambition is strong, so be careful it doesn't tip over into over-assertion.

Uranus is a little chaotic still in his long stint for those born January 4th to 6th. This is going to continue until April 2015. It is a time for shaking you up and for change. It is a journey, not an arrival. Home and domestic circumstances are not certain. You are being kick-started out of a rut, whether you like it or not. Ultimately it is liberating, even if it doesn't feel that way.

Pluto is a huge influence now if born January 1st-3rd. this influence (once in a lifetime) has been with you since early 2013 and is weakening as a force from December. You are nearly through this life changing period of endings and new beginnings, and after some crises the phoenix will rise . You have had to go through the dark to find your power and true direction.

Neptune is sensitising the souls still of those born December 25th to 28th. Your compassionate feelings are now a vital part of your assessment of issues and should be. Creative input is important and your soul is speaking louder.

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