Thursday, 1 January 2015

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Saturn having just gone into Sagittarius, visiting for several years, presents Pisces with a few opportunities this year for extra growing up, maturing and dealing with the realities of life, notably those born February 19th to 23rd. There will be challenges, possibly career-wise as well, but opportunities to show what you're made of and to be down to earth and pragmatic, something Pisces often find it difficult to do, being idealists.

Also this year from the 11th August, Jupiter will move into Virgo for 1 year, which is good news for your sign as it will oppose your Sun sign and this suggests that from mid August there will be the opportunity for many of you to expand, enjoy and have benefits in relationships, the only downside is that one can be a little OTT or over-expansive.

This month the year starts with focus on celebratory social life, friends and furthered goals. Before the 5th, good communications with friends is enriching, if born after March 13th.

Beware that Mercury retrograde from the11th will bring some sense of alienation in communication with the wider world for a few weeks.

Before the 3rd there is a window of opportunity for all born after March 16th for love life to take a boost and at the very least, harmony and love and friendship are around you.

Focus on Aquarius this month also puts much influence on being able to be in your favourite place which is rather behind-the-scenes, quiet, private and spiritually absorbed, but note that before the 12th when Mars is in Aquarius, there is a tendency to seethe, bottle up anger and to be rather resentful and moody. Try and get out your feelings calmly to those who are relevant at the time. After the 12th however all born up to March 7th have a great boost and thrive in their energy and that there is a feeling of determination and assertion, not least to do with finances.

Neptune stays in your sign all 2015 affecting all born February 24th –March1st.
Keep grounded, and use your current extra sensibilities for the greater good, but beware escapist behaviour, self-deception and over idealism.

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