Sunday, 2 September 2012

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

September is a time when you have to get deep into things and really face some truths of life. The darker underbelly of the human condition often holds the key to light, although with Mercury in Libra many of you may also be finding solace in travel and in academic flying.

After the 6th many of you will be delighting in the power of positive relationships and basking in the glow of mutual affection. However Mars in Scorpio is not such good news for those born January 24th to February 14th.There is definitely some potential problems in your working environment, or at the very least with authority figures, Intransigent and possibly controlling energies, either your or others is around..  Impatience, anger and explosive situations are in the air. Something and somebody has got to give. It could be you; in fact it may need to be.

However those born February 2nd to 6th are currently basking in the glow of Jupiter’s influence providing a sense of fun, celebration of life, theatricality and extroversion, and love life and children’s issues are harmoniously expressed.

Meanwhile, those born after February 14th are having to work very hard and may have to travel for duty, but are being constructive and mature.

If born January 26th to 29th Uranus is creating intuitive intelligence and giving the ability to think outside the box and has a liberating effect. Uranus is your ruling planet so this makes you extra aware and wise and extra true to your Aquarian essence which is about being independent, wise, maverick if necessary and seeing very objective big picture.

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