Sunday, 2 September 2012

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th

September is a month for some enjoyment and relaxation and is good for creativity as well. After the 6th many of you will be enjoying domestic luxury or feeling a little inclined to laze around at home, but your taste is exquisite.

However Mars in your opposite sign of Scorpio is creating some war-drum effects for those born April 24th to May 16th. For this group there is a definite feeling that other people are being very assertive, controlling and possibly manipulative and you have to ask yourself whether this is the result of a joint interaction that has been building or whether you are strictly innocent, Others are indeed likely to be hitting below the belt and telling some home truths, or possibly just being gratuitously cruel.

Jupiter is protecting money to some extent, but there is definitely no shortage of having to bite the bullet when it comes to discipline about your working life and some anxiety may be part of the motivation. At least those born around April 26th to 29th have a positive and powerful input from Pluto who is encouraging a belief in one’s own power and transformative abilities, and issues to do with long-distance and educational interests are also very positively empowering. You are also being blessed by the powerful abilities of others to enhance your life.

If born around April 22nd, then Neptune is currently enhancing your emotions, your sensitivity, your empathetic response and spiritual drive. Ego is being downgraded and your ability to have compassion and to give unconditionally to others will be increased. It is also a time when your visual sense and creative needs are met, and music, the sea and photography can all be great sources of healing.

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