Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

Time for conscious thought to be a focus, rather than just the power of your unconscious, which as a sign you tend to be dominated by. However with Venus in your sign, all born after July 16th are looking good, feeling charismatic, attracting are others to you, emanating good vibes and your sociability is shining. After the 6th many of you may be also profiting financially somehow, especially via your artistic skills

Those born after July 19th are feeling a little under Saturn’s domain. Domestic issues, obligations, duties and stresses are in the air. You have to do what is necessary now, but understand that this is an important learning curve and reality check. Look after your body, get rest, but focus and be disciplined.  No pain, no gain with Saturn. He is the karmic schoolteacher. And we need honesty and humility and hard work, under his remit.

If born after June 28th to July 1st you are in the firing line of people who are rather manipulative or having power struggles and only you can decide whether those who are involved are worthy of being allowed to have power in your life. You are restless for change and change is around you. All is unsafe. Keep flexible, go with the flow but do stand up and draw boundaries if there is unnecessary coercion from others.

However those very early Cancerians born around June 22nd are now benefiting from some magical sensitivity and creative inspiration. Empathy, compassion, and spirituality are yours and other countries can call.

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