Sunday, 2 September 2012

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

This is a great time for vacations as horizons call, and also a great time for getting your teeth stuck into higher wisdom and study, and communicating talents to others enhances status.

Before the 6th, all born after January 15th are magnets. Love life is enhanced and your warmth to others is reciprocated. After the 6th things get more intense, deep and rewarding.

Mars in Scorpio is a positive input if born after January 4th to 15th. There is a real drive to achieve, especially in concert with others and your leadership skills should not be underestimated. Your intelligence is incisive and your force of passion is moving to others.

Your ruler Saturn is rather oppressive now to the energies of those born after January 16th. Hard challenges in working life or from authority figures may create under-confidence and feeling beneath the wheel. Do what you have to; fight low self-esteem, look after the body and remember there is no pain, no gain with your karmic schoolteacher Saturn, so strong .

Uranus and Pluto are creating some serious universe-driven energy for those born December 28th to 31st. The force of power is with you, either yours or from other people, and you are tested for the wise and responsible use of power and to keep squeaky clean. Endings and new beginnings are around.  A sense of destiny is at work and this can be an evolutionary journey of the soul, profound, intense and not always comfortable, but ultimately empowering and transforming. However simultaneously the unexpected is around domestically. Shocks and surprises keep you on your toes and ultimately kick-start you into a bigger picture understanding and to take you away from destructive ruts.

Neptune is also on the case of those born December 24th, inspiring and empowering your heart and artistic talents, reducing your ego and giving you compassion and empathy. Spiritual dimensions can’t be ignored.

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