Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Jupiter’s golden rays currently bless those born June 5th to 9th. He is bringing some growth, at the very least, protection, possibly travel and a sense of well being. Enjoy. Domestic issues will also be very favourable this month.

However there is also a strong influence from your ruling planet Mercur) in Libra, encouraging romantic opportunities, enjoyment of offspring’s issues and creative enthusiasm, particularly for writers, and before the 6th many of you may be feeling rather blessed financially. After the 6th many of you will be feeling that your heart is added to your brain and logic alone won’t cut it. Love needs to be combined.

If born after June 17th the best progress is made through focus, hard work and self-discipline, and a sense of some austerity that you know is constructive in the long-term, and if born May 27th to 30th, the new, the exciting, the innovative are all calling and it is time for you to take a leap into a more confident you, that reflects your unique individuality and friends and organisations that have an edgy, maverick feel about them may well be serving their purpose in this respect. This is a time to listen to your intuition and follow humanitarian and altruistic impulses. Experimentation can be very positive, particularly if technology is concerned.

However for all those born around May 22nd/23rd, an element of confusion and dissolving is in the air. Your career, your reputation and your goals may not be so solid any more, literally and in terms of your attitude. Your emotions are now strong and for a logical sign and this can be confusing. Allow heart to enter your life and to follow it a little more and trustingly. Know that the old needs to be left behind, the new is coming, but at the moment it’s a foggy night and you are not sure which way to go, so trust that eventually you will see the light.

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