Sunday, 2 September 2012

Virgo (August 23rd -September 21st)

This is your month – a time to shine, but it is also a time when your common sense and pragmatism can be put to good use in securing your financial security. Many of you born after September 14th can be benefiting by social life and through friendships. Thereafter a little more privacy brings satisfaction.

Many of you will be finding that your intellect is sharp and your words are keen and to the point, and this is a period when your incisive brain combined with intelligent action, even if daring for you, can take you far.

If born between September 6th and 11th, it may be a time to be a little cautious about taking on more than you can cope with in your working life, or even, uncharacteristically, a time to avoid a little bit of arrogance or complacency.

If born around August 24th/25th then Neptune currently is bringing a lot of smoke and mirrors in relationships. There is a real potential that you are being either sacrificial, putting people on pedestals, or wanting perhaps to save somebody, but people may not be as they seem. You need to be very careful to avoid deception or self-deception, and check the small print. Positively, however, it is wonderful for creativity and for an acute visual sense and for some spiritual flying, but try and keep grounded.

Those born August 31st/September 1st are currently in a very unusual and rare period of real creative and romantic empowerment, and a sense of destiny is in the air. Also you are able to reinvent yourself with the power of real genius that has a great influence on others and yourself. Belief in yourself now is a great and fated driver.

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