Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

You may be nesting this month and trying to happily put down roots, but friendships will also be proactive in life. Also there will be a very strong need to show generosity to others by helping them with their resources.

From the 6th, international and academic issues are strong, especially if it connects with romance: particularly true if born up to the 19th.

Mars however in your solar 12th house is a warning not to sit on anger or resentment, but to express your grievances as they happen to the right person at the right place, otherwise a pressure cooker effect explodes.

Blessed are those born December 6th to 10th as Jupiter is opposing your Sun, bringing bonuses from others with wisdom and from foreign climes. However there is a danger of over-expanding, over-extending to others and possibly over-trusting, and being encouraged to rash, over-optimistic behaviour, but with care, it can be rather an enjoyable time.

If born after December 15th, you in a hard-working period. Responsibilities and duties to groups and friends may be something you cannot avoid, but bring satisfaction.

If born the last two days of November, there is still a great drive from Uranus to have excitement and innovation in your romantic and creative life. Trust your intuition and seek some adventure.

However if born around November 23rd, confusion is in the air.There is an element of deception and self-deception around you and you may feel all at sea on a foggy night without a compass. The old is dissolving and the new is being born, and you need to be patient to let it be in its own time. You cannot push the river. Meanwhile, dance, listen to music and sing.

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