Sunday, 2 September 2012

Leo (July 22nd - August 22nd)

Focusing on your financial situation could be a wise move this month and the use of your conscious intelligence rather than your ideals may serve you well. After the 6th many of you will feel that you are emerging from a bit of a fog into a sense of reaffirmation of your own confidence in self and in your own appearance, and you will look good and your charisma will start to shine again, attracting others to you. You may also be questioning your own judgement more rationally

However with Mars in Scorpio, all born July 29th to August 19th may be finding that family members and domestic issues are explosive and there are certainly people who are very intolerant, fixed and prepared to speak some uncomfortable truths and this may all be as a result of your own intransigence or stubbornness and you too may be feeling explosive. This is a time for rationality and for honest self-appraisal and not foe stubborn pride or sense of entitlement. Listen and show humility.

If born August 5th to 9th, Jupiter is smiling, bringing friendships and group connections in a happy light and your confidence is underlined. Also, if born very end of July/beginning of August, there is a feeling that you need to take some innovative direction in life. Exciting, sudden travel may attract and a desire for liberation and an awakening and the chance to see a bigger picture is yours, or may be thrust upon you, but you are certainly becoming someone who wants to see a more exciting life. The future calls.

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