Sunday, 2 September 2012

Libra (September 22nd - October 23rd)

Much behind-the-scenes work is positive and you may feel rather reclusive. However there will be demands, particularly when it comes to communications, which means you have to come out of your retreat and venture into the world. After the 6th many of you will find that the forces of friendship and the need to show some leadership skills will not allow you to hide for too long.

Mars in Scorpio can make some of you quite fierce when it comes to fighting for your financial rights, but those born October 7th to 11th are also likely to be very interested in the call of travel, and international dimensions are certainly beneficial, as indeed are academic interests. This is an excellent time for starting a new course of study.

Saturn however is sitting firmly and squarely on the Suns of those born after October 18th. This is a time when tiredness, stresses and strains are getting to you, and it is about biting some difficult bullets and recognising that this is a very maturing and grown-up time that needs a mature and grown-up response.

Meanwhile those born September 29th to October 2nd are feeling the insecurities brought about by other peoples’ unpredictability, moodiness, changeability and uncertainty. This is a bit of a magical mystery tour and others create it, which in some way has the purpose of liberating you, even though it may feel like a destructive hailstorm. This same group also have Pluto creating some domestic stresses and strains and people, particularly on the domestic front, may seem to be misusing their power and pressing buttons that go very deep. This is primeval energy and rage and anger expressed now is actually free-floating and comes from way back. Stop and think; motive is everything. Handle this and do not make ruthless changes.

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