Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scorpio (October 24th - November 21st)

Leadership abilities are shining now, but you may well also be involved in some behind-the-scenes negotiations, and private communications could be valuable. If born before the 6th love and life and travel can go hand-in-hand if born after November 14th, and the love of travel is also very much in the air. After the 6th many of you will be shining at work as your charismatic charms are put in force.

Mars is powerfully in your sign, affecting directly all those born October 28th to November 18th. He is bringing to this group an extra Scorpionic intensity, drive, and desire, even obsession. No-one is going to get in your way, but just be careful that your ruthlessness does not backfire and that a tendency to rather cruel or revengeful behaviour does not get the better of you. Stop and think.

For those born at the very beginning of Scorpio, around October 24th/25th Neptune is wielding a very harmonious spiritual and creative influence on you. He is bringing extra emotional input, sensitivity and compassion in your love life and needing a soul mate will become more important. Also relationships with siblings can be enhanced through real empathy and real connection. Creatively this is magnificent and one of the most powerfully inspiring periods. Time spent with the arts, near the sea or listening to music is totally invaluable.

If born after October 29th until November 1st, your ruling planet Pluto is seriously enhancing your Scorpionic strengths. He is bringing intense intellectual insight, cut to the chase wisdom and the power of communication through the written and spoken work, and the ripples go far. You command attention now and extra intelligence and profound wisdom is yours.

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