Sunday, 2 September 2012

September 2012 Astrological Overview

by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)


Greece Back In Focus And The Middle East Is A Tinderbox

Mars now in Scorpio will bring to bear ruthless energies and there will be significant crises coming to rather dramatic denouements in the Middle East, Syria not least. This is the month of Virgo and Virgo is the sign that rules Greece and that country may well find itself significantly in the news again also as it is living on borrowed time in the Euro.

Uranus continues to square exactly, especially in the last half of the month, Pluto and this continues to the nth degree the ongoing almighty conflict on a global level between the peoples of the earth versus those who would misuse their power, whether that be economically or politically.

England, Cameron And The Chancellor Face Some Karma

Late month when Saturn comes to 29 degrees of Libra, it will be squaring Britain’s natal Venus to the exact degree and that would certainly indicate that both its economy and its international relations are rather at low ebb and some reality checks are definitely in the air. With Pluto hovering around the opposition to England’s Sun until December 2013, the ongoing demise of her world status will continue. Neptune is also by transit in conjunction with England’s Pluto in Pisces, which implies a gradual and ongoing dissolving of her power, leaving her by 2014 in a very different league. With Saturn now traversing her 7th house the country will be facing severe karmic reality checks and any generosity to those who are needy will be nipped in the bud by a ruthlessly driven ideology of stringency and austerity.

Jupiter in Gemini, which rules London, has because of the Olympics just created a temporary boost to England’s buoyancy, but this will be fleeting.  We have had the circus, now we need the bread.

David Cameron is having a little bit of a rough ride at the moment too with transiting Pluto squaring his Venus and transiting Uranus also opposing his Venus, which means that the unexpected, the unprepared and the ill-advised are haunting him, and even those who seem to be his allies, will be pulling some unexpected strategies that will seriously unnerve him, leading to a real loss of confidence next month. Also the ends of chapters are in the air for him, as power struggles erupt and it becomes clear to him that current economic policy is dying a death in terms of its credibility. Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand and eventually we have to learn humility to admit we may be wrong.   George Osborne (chancellor) who has 4 natal planets in stubborn Taurus and Mars in fixed Aquarius, squaring two of his Taurus planets, will be anything but flexible. Also his Sun in Gemini is currently being assaulted by Neptune, (once every 82 years) which will now slowly dissolve his position and public standing and will expose a mistaken value system/economic policy. By March 2013, he will probably be gone.

The Challenge For Obama Looms

Looking at Barak Obama’s chart, from October he is struggling under a very difficult Saturn transit that will last until January, which is quite a fierce reality check, corresponding as it does with the Presidential election. Although this does not necessarily indicate defeat, it is a tense time of seriously hard work, leading to him to desperately consolidate his resources and hold his nerve and yet be populist.

Days of some global reality checks financially are around the 3rd and days when people need to stop and think before they speak or write on an individual or even international level are around the 9th. Days of invention and eureka moments are around the 13th. The new Moon falls at 23º of Virgo on the 16thand the full Moon at 7º of Aries on the 30th.

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