Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pisces (February 19th - 20th March)

Relationships are a focus. Do not give your power away but enjoy the benefits of others. Before the 6th all born after March 14th are able to celebrate to the nth degree your intrinsic creative and aesthetic tendencies. Your charms after the 6th can enhance work relationships.

Mars in Scorpio, for those born February 28th to March 18th is creating a Passionate drive. Constructive and determined energy that is almost ruthless can be evident. Enthusiastic travel is embarked upon for an ideological purpose, and a desire to study what one is passionate about can motivate

If born March 4th to 8th Jupiter is tempting self-indulgence, over-generosity and maybe some reckless, over-the-top spending, particularly domestically, so have a care.

Be aware that finances are under some stress because of unpredictable changes and your impulsive response and indeed there may be others with whom you share finances who are causing you headaches because of a different attitude, or they may even be grounding you.

Your ruling planet Neptune is now in his once in a lifetime visitation to the Suns of those born around February 19th/20th. For some time, this has been bringing an exquisite sense of Pisces dreaminess, idealism, creativity and negatively, potentially some escape and self-deception. The spiritual dimensions are powerful but keep grounded, but if a musicians or photographer you are blessed. The spirit of compassion and empathy is huge, but don’t become a martyr.

Meanwhile if born February 24th to 27th, a sense of strength, courage and ability to wield transformative magic for self and others is yours, an continues to till the year end.. Friends are powerful movers and shakers and your will, sense of destiny and determination is fired.

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