Tuesday, 1 January 2013


January is a good time for travel or long-distance happy dealings for many of you, but after the 19th you can’t take your eye off the ball professionally. Finances, particularly of a joint nature, can benefit before the 9th, and after the 9th if born up to May 18th a sense of well-being and indeed of Cupid can be in the ether.

However Mars is not well disposed towards those born after April 24th. Impatience and stubbornness from yourself or indeed others in your career can cause some problems. Be flexible and remember that Taureans stubbornness can be your greatest enemy at times..

From the 30th, when Jupiter moves direct, financial news can receive a perk, or at least finances receive some protection till July..

However let’s not forget that Saturn is opposing your sign, now directly affecting those born April 29th to May 3rd. Others are oppressive, bringing reality checks, or are somehow difficult teachers. Things are slowed, delayed, blocked and you need to look after your body as Saturn reminds us of the march of time.. Face facts and do what you know is necessary, even if uncomfortable. Humility is needed, as indeed is wisdom and courage.

Neptune is still sprinkling his magic into the lives of those born April 20th to 23rd. Empathy, compassion, spirituality and intrinsic creative gifts are flowering. Your heart matters and it cannot be denied, whilst those born April 30th to May 2nd have Pluto empowering your ideology, beliefs, spirituality and you can really believe in yourself. The power of mind over matter and self-reinvention should not be underestimated. Particularly powerful influences are from long-distance and academic achievements.

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