Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Your mind is in good form this month and after the 19th your focus needs to home in on domestic issues. Before the 9th however many of you will be working your usual financial magic to enhance your bank balance, and after the 9th your charms are notable and communications can combine head with heart successfully..

However Mars in square aspect to your sign all month is affecting directly all born after October 27th. There are definitely war drums audible from the home and family front. Frustrations and blocks abound and impatience and intransigence from others and self are also non-constructive. Damage limitation in needed.

After the 30th many of you may find that blocks on finances are relieved, especially of a complex, business kind..

Saturn is of course in your sign, now directly affecting those born November 1st to 5th. This once every 30 year transit is a big reality check. Care of the body is needed and hard work and discipline is the tool you need. Do what is necessary and remember to honour the karmic schoolteacher and his learning curves., as there are prizes down the road for building a better more realistic infrastructure under Saturn’s domain

Neptune however is very enhancing of the lives of those born October 21st to 27th.  He is bringing magic to your life, romantic magic, creative magic, empathy, compassion and a psychic capacity. You are absorbing others easily and your heart is on your sleeve.

Meanwhile those born November 1st to 4th are being empowered by Pluto. Intellectual acerbic power is yours. You get heard and have influence, so have a sense of responsibility for the power you have and use it for healing.

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