Tuesday, 1 January 2013


January can prove a rather creative and fun month with romance, children’s issues and the arts figuring positively and constructively in your life and preoccupation. Energy is high, as is optimism, and even, unusually for you, a touch of over-optimism may be connected to your professional plans, notably if born August 28th to 31st.

From the 30th when Jupiter moves direct, some positive news on the career front is in the offing and material progress can be made, also from the19th, Mercury, your ruler is in Aquarius and Mars is there all month too. This really focuses your intellect and energy into rationalising career and work surroundings.

Saturn however is keeping a steady hand on the tiller of your life and being, if born September 1st to 5th. Your wisdom, shrewdness and caution is serving you well. However for some time all born August 23rd to 26th have been haunted by Neptune in his once every 165 year transit to your Sun. This will not be completed until the end of the year, so a word to the wise… people are not always what you necessarily feel they are and you can project onto them what you want them to be. They can be heroes to worship or victims you perceive to need saving. Neither is true. You are susceptible to self-deception and deception from others. Be wary, but positively this can bring your level of compassion on an impersonal level to new heights. Just be sure you read the small print re others.

Finally those born September 1st to 4th have Pluto bringing great empowerment and confidence, creatively, romantically and connected to offspring. You can self-reinvent, believe, regenerate and transform your life through will now, and the power of your intellect in directing your transformative activities should not be under-estimated.

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