Tuesday, 1 January 2013


A month to deal with complex financial issues, insurance, taxes and business affairs, and after the 19th many of you having done that work, can relax and trains, boats and planes can call.

Before the 9th there is definitely a sense that love life can be kindled, especially if born after June 9th. Your charms are reciprocated and others are attentive, leading to enriched and deepened feelings after the 9th, and joint finances can also benefit.

Jupiter in your sign goes direct from the 30th and for all born May 27th to 30th, this is a blessed period of growth and a sense of luck, and from the month’s end you see definite manifestations that could be material benefits and with Mars in Aquarius now, many of your energies are intellectually driven very successfully, and also long distance dealings and travel is energised successfully. If born around May 26th/27th, your intuition should be followed and your charisma is strong. Friends are also potential way-showers.

Be aware however that if born around May 21st Neptune is still a confusing factor and a deep dissatisfaction at work can be caused by insecurity or realisation that your heart is not satisfied somehow with what you are doing and a new direction calls as you now feel that there are some things that are too important to leave to the head/intellect alone.. However also be aware that there is confusion in the air and you may not be seeing a certain situation or person clearly and you are easily seduced. Avoiding excessive indulgence in alcohol etc will help keep you realistically grounded in life now enormously, as this is a dangerous time for addictive behaviour to get entrenched.

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