Tuesday, 1 January 2013


A time to start the year addressing issues to do with career and public standing. All of you will need the power of communications to increase your status.

Before the 9th, if born after April 8th, long-distance interests and academic pursuits flourish and the arts and romance can have a foreign flavour. The ability to bring ones creative drive to the attention of other cultures is also underlined for the artists amongst you. After the 9th all born up to April 16th can use their charms successfully in their career.

 It is also possible for all of you to work very powerfully and effectively this month on behalf of causes for the greater good, and to help one’s friends and from the 30th when Jupiter moves direct, one’s ability to get one’s voice heard is strong. It also enhances ones general wisdom in all communications. The power of the mind is accentuated.

Uranus is now directly affecting those born March 24th to 27th. Expect the unexpected and the power of the need for freedom cannot be squashed, but don’t be impulsive and don’t throw out babies with bathwaters.  Wait till this influence has abated before making drastic changes

Pluto is now challenging those born March 29th to April 1st, a time of internal power struggles and a volcanic eruption from within, is a clock striking to say “find your power, assert yourself and end a chapter”… and if this involves some confrontations with those in authority. Be conscious and do not do knee jerk. This is a time of destiny, it is true, but it also needs dignity and a whole lot of soul searching as to exactly what this power is telling you about yourself your past, your family history and indeed about others who challenge you now . Our seeming enemies can be our greatest teachers.

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