Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Relationships dominate the month with Capricorn being prominent. Others make decisions and can be good guiders, and after the 9th many of you are mesmerised by the attraction of another.

From the 30th a sense of well-being and psychological safety starts to manifest when Jupiter moves direct.

For all born July 1st to 4th a very grown-up attitude is demanded of you and you can be very measured and disciplined in achieving what you wish to achieve, particularly in matters of romance, creativity and children’s issues. This is a dutiful and carefully considered time.

However if born June 25th to 28th, uncertainty and unpredictability are in the ether, courtesy of Uranus. You are restless and the left field keeps you guessing. Hang loose, keep flexible and see this period as a journey, particularly re career. The outcome is liberation if you keep the faith are patient and not too impulsive.

Blessed are those born June 23rd/24th as Neptune is bringing an exquisite sensitivity to your door. Greater compassion, empathy and ideological passions are yours and creativity needs to be fostered, particularly in music and photography.

However if born July 1st or 2nd be wary of those who are coercive or who seek power struggles. It is a time for looking into the dark side of the human condition, either your own or others’ and understanding what the dark dynamics you are confronting are really telling you. Endings and new beginnings are in the ether. The new moon on the 11t h falls in your opposite sign of Capricorn and is a good time for those born round July 14th to regenerate relationship issues as the new is in the air.

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