Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Time to get down to practicalities, to organise and rationalise life, particularly the workplace. This is about humble application to the logistics of life. It is not a time for centre stage. You can take that role more confidently and shine after the 19th.

Before the 9th however, if born after August 11th there is a strong window for extravert demonstration of your creative capacity and your renowned flirtatious skills can get an airing. However after the 9th talents will only be rewarded if combined with real self-discipline.

Mars in your opposite sign of Aquarius all month suggests that for all born after July 28th there will be some people who will call you to account and challenge you. Have your defence prepared and listen to them objectively.

Jupiter moves direct on the 30th, which is good news for those born July 29th to 31st as friendships can prove themselves then and projects, can manifest in success.

However if born August 1st to 5th, Saturn is on your case and it is on the home and family front where you will find your challenges, but remember Saturn is a karmic schoolteacher, so listen and learn.

If born July 26th to 29th, this group is inspired by Uranus and inspired by travel in particular. A need for expressing your authentic beliefs and individuality will be strong and can be rewarding. There is some sort of liberation in the air and a promise of a more innovative future.

The full moon falls in your sign on the 27th and for all born around July 31st, this may well be a day of some impact and when the power of your own and others’ unconscious eruptions speaks volumes.

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