Tuesday, 1 January 2013


This is your birthday period and therefore an opportunity to show your unique self without fear or self-consciousness., which is always challenging for you Saturn ruled goats. After the 19th finances get your attention and probably productively so, as you are very careful and shrewd re money.

After the 9th when Venus moves into your sign, all born up to February 16th are looking and feeling good. Your charisma is shining and love life can flourish, and you are no shrinking violet when it comes to financial security and career preferment and creative gifts flourish with your increased confidence in them.

From the 30th, Jupiter in your solar 6th house should signal a real green light in work and health issues and if born December 30th to January 3rd you may feel responsible for friends and they will be giving you sound, good advice. Caution and expedience are yours.

 If you are born December 23rd/24th Neptune can now be truly inspiring. You are more sensitive than usual and intelligently so. Empathy and compassion are real motivators.

However Pluto, of course, still in your sign is now right on the Suns of those born January 1st/2nd. This once every 248-year transit should not be under-estimated as a game-changer in your life. Fate is at work, power is yours, new chapters are beginning and you have to be conscious to use the power as wisely and humbly as possible, but use it and acknowledge that which has to pass, in order to make way for a new chapter. The new Moon falls in your sign on the 11th. On that day all born around January 12th will have a sense of a renaissance in some area, probably in relation to a significant other.

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