Tuesday, 1 January 2013


This is a very sociable month, at least before the 19th. Working in collusion with others can be very beneficial. However with Mars in your solar 12th house all month, do not brood or sit on anger. Express feelings as they happen to the right person, or passive aggression becomes an unattractive quality. After the 9th however, friends can be very supportive.

Be wary if born around February 24th to 27th, of over-indulgence or spending more than is reasonable on home and family and being OTT in general.

However for those born February 28th to March 3rd Saturn is definitely giving a measure of discipline and bringing quite serious but grownup stuff that is productive, emanating possibly from long distance. Intellectually, disciplined hard work brings valuable deferred gratification.

Meanwhile Neptune of course is sitting right on the Suns of those born February 19th to 22nd. Neptune is in Pisces only once every 165 years, so this is a rare baptism and is hovering until the end of the year. Positively it inspires, opens the heart, brings spiritual understanding and dissolves boundaries between you and others, but negatively it can confuse, bring over-idealisation, self-deception or deception from others, or bring the quality of divine discontent or divine homesickness. Use this energy for lifting others up and exploiting creativity. Do not let it use you by making you escapist, or so sensitive, you freeze.

Finally Pluto is giving powers of transformation and regeneration to those born February 27th to March 2nd. Powerful influences through friends and contacts can really change your life, and your power as a leader cannot be under-estimated. Your intellect is incisive and empowering of others. This influence remains all year, so prepare with confidence

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