Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Before the 19th many of you may be feeling rather retreatist and thoughts and actions on a behind-the-scenes level can be positive. However with Mars in your sign, for all born after February 23rd, you have no choice but to be proactive in life, despite a need for retreat. Energy, drive and competitive spirit cannot be repressed, but beware that others may challenge you and you may have to stand up and be counted.

After the 19th when the Sun and Mercury move into your sign, most of you will capitulate to being very much on the world stage, but some of your best work will still be done behind-the-scenes.

Jupiter is enhancing the lives of those born January 25th to 28th. He is bringing creative courage and fertility. Romance is also favoured. Intelligent action is yours which, when applied, brings luck, notably around the 30th.

However Saturn is challenging by angle to those born January 28th to February 1st. It is career and public reputation that seems to be a cause of consternation. Restrictions and delays and lack of confidence are possible, and authority figures are not being cooperative. Karmic schoolteachers, however, need to be respected.

Uranus is aiding and abetting in an unusual way, the energies of those born January 23rd to 26th. Your ruler is stimulating your intuition, which may well be more powerful than your intellect currently. You are a way-shower and a lighter of fires.

The powers of the full Moon on the 27th in your opposite sign of Leo, will directly focus on those born around January 27th. This is an excellent time for facing some truths about relationships, even if a tad uncomfortable.energy he iiiiiis 

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