Tuesday, 1 October 2013

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a month of relationship issues. You find that others are impacting your life strongly, but probably positively. It is also a time when issues of intimacy and deeper more tricky issues re others need to be explored, but get these dealt with before the 21st as afterwards, complex financial and sensitive issues between yourself and others can fall foul off difficult communication or misunderstanding. Communicate in person rather than by text or email. .

After the 7th, all born up till April 16th have Venus encouraging romance and creative skills being enjoyed far a field.

Before the 15th Mars in Leo is very empowering of those born after April 10th. He brings sexual charisma and courage and drive where romantic interests are concerned, but also great energy when it comes to creative feats. You feel rather invincible, pioneering and courageous.

If born April 6th to 11th a sense of self-indulgence is around. Good times roll and money flows maybe too freely. Jupiter invites OTT times (but enjoyable).

Meanwhile Uranus remains, since last April, a powerful, rare influence on those born March 29th to April 1st. It is changing and liberating, but making you restless, on the edge of your seat with a passion for freedom and change. This evolves in its own way, but meanwhile don’t be over-impulsive. Hang loose. Notably the 3rd and 4th are days to stay calm. Handle wisely.

For those born 29th –31st March, you feel a volcanic need to take control of your life and free yourself from manipulation. Power struggles ensue within and without and the need to look deep into the origins of these feelings and situations is important. Endings of certain chapters are in the air, which if handled wisely and consciously are empowering in the long term. Pluto is at work (every aprox. 124 years).

Meanwhile the eclipse on the 18th may bring for those born April15th –17th a sense of an eruptive confrontation with unconscious forces that need acknowledged, if uncomfortable.

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