Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Leos need to use this month if they can, to effectively clear up any misunderstandings and to sell their case by excellent clear communication, which may have to be focused on to avoid muisunderstanding. But importantly, in terms of family and domestic and real estate issues, progress is definitely going to be much more likely if pursued before the 21st. There is a great risk of miscommunication, failure of appreciation of detail, poor connections with others and even of total breakdown in relationship discourse after the 21st. This is temporary and can be ameliorated from November 10th

However before the 7th if born after August 15th, there can be some happy family connection, but beware of over-spending domestically or indeed over-indulgence generally. After the 7th, Venus in Sagittarius can expand romantic and creative drives happily, for all born up to August 19th. It can also bring some harmony and happiness notably re offspring.

Before the 15th all born after August 13th have Mars in their sign which gives them drive, assertiveness, physical, spiritual and psychological energy, but stubbornness and excessive pride can be counter-productive.

Saturn is a little troublesome now if born August 2nd to 6th; especially re family members who may be presenting you with some home truths and you have to face some logistical and practical challenges re real estate/home/family issues. You can’t kick this particular can down the road now. This is a time to face some personal Karma too, in some way.

Uranus still, and for the long haul, is in compatible to you Aries. Currently he is positively targeting those born August 1st-4th. . This influence remains till March next year and is a rare event. The purpose of Uranus is to awaken you to the new and the innovative and to liberate you from the old and outworn, both in terms of inner fears and outer circumstances. These circumstances may emanate from new thinking that is very much more outside your usual box and also from long distance sources. Intuition and super conscious awareness is being awakened. New awareness intellectually, spiritually and geographically are calling.

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