Tuesday, 1 October 2013

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

It is full-on work focus for many of you, although it might be accompanied by some weariness.

For all born up to January 11th, there is a need to ensure that all communications with and messages to friends, particularly when organising any projects communally get through at the right time, right place and to the right people. If friends are flaky after the 21st, it is temporary,  It is best for all to get important messages rubber-stamped before the 21st.
However, before the 7th if born after January 12th friends and love life can be very pleasing.
Before the 15th,, for all, energy put into dealing courageously with finances work well for you.
 After the 15th if born up to January 1st, energy can be put very productively into travel and intellectual pursuits.
 Jupiter is opposing the Suns now of those born January 8th to 12th. He is bringing bonuses, self-indulgence and good people into your life, either with foreign connections or with great wisdom. People are returning good karma to you. Relationships can flourish, but don’t over expand; have some caution.

However obligation and duty and a grown-up approach to friendship is needed if born January 1st to 5th. Maturity and a measured response is possible and helpful.

Uranus however is affecting those born December 30th to January 2nd, with an influence of a bit of craziness. The unexpected and left field are in the air, particularly domestically. You feel restless, rebellious and adrenalized. Don’t be impulsive; hang loose and go with the flow.

Pluto in your sign is still bringing impact also if born around December 31st. This is rare and has powerful potential for transformation and regeneration of life, IF you use the power wisely for the greater good with a good conscience and consciousness. Ends of chapters are in the air. Neptune continues to enhance sensitivities and compassion and also creative inspiration if born December 23-26th

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