Tuesday, 1 October 2013

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

A good time for focusing on a good health regime, diet and exercise etc, but also the power or relationships will not pass you by.

Before the 7th for all born after May 12th the power of romance and affections will reverberate in your life and kindness from others will not go amiss.

However after the 21st all born up to May 9th need to be very aware that communications made to significant others in any context can go a little belly-up, particularly re finances or indeed emotional issues, so try and use before the 21st for rubber-stamping deals.

Mars stresses your sign before the 15th, so warns all born after May 11th to tread carefully on the home front. Stubbornness and anger bubbles up. Clashes of will are in the air.

However after the 15th if born up to May 1st, dynamic, creative and romantic energy surfaces.

Jupiter is useful now for those born May 8th to 12th. He brings wisdom, intelligent communications and opportunities that can be grabbed for growth. Travel is also positively experienced in an educational and fulfilling way and your wisdom shines.

However Saturn still in your opposite sign is now opposing the energies of those born May 1st to 5th. Others are obstructive, difficult, demanding and only you can decide whether the demands are justified and worthwhile. It is also important not to allow oppression. Look after the body too. Hard work and self-discipline is needed now, in order to better secure yourself.

Pluto is very positive now for those born around the last day of April. He is bringing inspiration and a sense of destiny connected with long-distance issues and higher mind.  Your insight, depth and desire to focus strongly in order to empower yourself in whatever matters to you is strong and ultimately transformational. You have courage and influence now. Use it wisely.

Neptune is subtly but lovingly bringing extra emotional response to beauty and to others if born April 22-25th. This gentleness and empathy and extra spiritual sensitivity serve you well.

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