Tuesday, 1 October 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is a time for enhancing personal security, notably around the 25th and 26th and late month, but do beware around the 3rd and 4th when others are unpredictable around money.

Before the 21st Mercury will be very effective for all born up to September 12th in terms of ease of communication, wisdom and in getting really heard. However after the 21st things get a little bit chaotic. Transport and technology may let you down, so double check.

Before the 7th all born after September 14th have the power of charm and the power of love on their side when with others. After the 7th much energy can be put into enhancing aesthetically your domestic environment, notably if born up to September 18th.

Before the 15th Mars in your solar 12th house is a warning to all of you to be aware of not repressing anger and not holding resentment. If you do, it will cause eruptions later. It is important to get any frustrations out calmly at right time, right place, and right person.

After the 15th Mars in your own sign, is a good period for all born up to September 3rd for ambition, drive and constructive energy used, and you will not be as self-effacing as usual

Jupiter provides a useful energy for intelligently betterment now if born September 10th to 14th. Friends can be helpful and vice versa, and networking prove fruitful. Benevolence is around.

Pluto continues to empower those born 1st to 3rd September, especially creatively and romantically, and Saturn is helping all born round 2nd to 7th to be grounded and mature in response to life. It is necessary.

Neptune is still haunting those born August 26th to 28th. He still bring confusion and smoke and mirrors around relationship issues. You are not necessarily seeing clearly but through rose-coloured spectacles, and there is a danger of other people misrepresenting themselves in some context, consciously or unconsciously. Check facts, small print and get others’ opinion, but for those involved in the creative world, it can be truly inspiring.

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