Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is your solar return month so it is a time in theory when one can take the stage a little. However strong planetary focus also on Scorpio this month, suggests that it is also a time when many of you will be working productively on financial security and reassessing value systems. Before the 21st is the best time to sort out financial conundrums and to organise them wisely, as after the 21st that cheque will not be in the post and there can be all sorts of smoke and mirrors re cash. However before the 7th Venus in Scorpio suggests money luck .

After the 7th all born up to October 20th have extra emotional wisdom connected to their communications with other people. It is also very positive for dealings with siblings.

Mars is very compatible now with all born after October 14th.  He brings good social functioning and effectiveness in every context. He also makes you pioneering and zealous in working hard for what you are passionate about. Intelligent energy is yours to use effectively.

Uranus however is creating some disruption still in the lives of those born around October 2nd to 5th, which may emanate from other people’s restlessness. They are catalysts for changing your life, even though it is uncomfortable, but you are being drawn to people from very different backgrounds and with different interests to what you have had before. They are all opening your eyes. Just know that whatever Uranus is bringing, even if disorienting, is ultimately a kick-start into a better future. This will be particularly strong around the 3rd and 4th.

Pluto meanwhile is challenging this same group to see that a certainty in life is change and is part of your life right now. You have to deal with a very profound understanding of needs and powers that you want to access within and this can cause some power struggles externally, reflecting some struggles internally. The new Moon falls on the 5th directly affects those born October 4th-6th. Initiate the new then, whereas if born October 18th-20th, on the eclipse of the 18th, there may well be some event that makes you wake up and smell the coffee.

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