Tuesday, 1 October 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

October is a time for nesting and enjoying home and family, and domestic issues are often quite celebratory. Before the 7th all born after July 14th have got Venus very much on their side and aesthetic abilities and romantic interests dominate.

However after the 21st if born up to July 12th there is a danger of definite miscommunications in a romantic or creative context. People turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time could ruin dates, and also communications with offspring can get skewed through lack of clarity. After the 21st it is all systems go for a very satisfying harmony re communications.

Much energy may be invested by many of you and successfully, so in financial security issues before the 15th.

Jupiter in your sign still is now very welcome for those born July 10th to 14th. He is sitting right on your Sun bringing real bonuses of bounty, optimism, luck, internal or external growth and a potential for great travel. He is also optimising health and work opportunities.

Even Saturn is working well for those born July 1st to 6th by affording a measured, sensible, mature attitude in relationships and creative issues, which assure later success.

Uranus is a little troublesome if born in the first two days of July, as is Pluto still. All is still in flux and as I constantly say, hang loose, go with the flow and don’t try and control too much. This is a long journey that will ultimately lead to a new, more liberated life, even if some power struggles have to be endured to get there, but be humble, contained, dignified and draw boundaries. Detach!

Neptune meanwhile is bringing dreams of escape to the sea, or a spiritual longing of some sort at the least he is bringing the gift of true empathy and compassion and the power of your heart knows no bounds. Music/film is a healing gift for you now. This is true for the next 6 months.

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