Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SCORPIO October 24th – November 21st

When the Sun is in your solar 12th house as it is in October, it is a time for a bit of retreat, a communing with self, and a review perhaps of your past and even a reconnection with it.

Mercury is powerful in your sign all month and is most affecting those born up to November 12th. However Mercury’s move into retrograde motion on the 21st suggests that you should ensure that you can effectively get your communications clearly understood before then, as later there can be communication breakdown. Phone, Internet, mail, can cause problems

Venus in your sign up till the 7th brings increased magnetism for all born after November 14th. You are like a flame to a moth then, when it comes to romance, and affections are enhanced.

However Mars is squaring the Suns of this same group before the 15th, which suggests that you will also simultaneously have some war-like potential because of intransigence of stance, possibly in career and anger and frustration can be in the air. Someone has to compromise.

After the 15th if born up to November 3rd, your leadership skills and ability to coordinate others with intelligence is enhanced.

Blessed are those born November 10th to 14th as Jupiter is really encouraging travel and bringing great wisdom in consciousness. Protection and growth is around.

However Saturn, still in your sign of course, is now fixating on those born November 2nd to 7th. For this group it is important to look after the health and not take it for granted. It is a time of blocks and restrictions, but essentially hard, self-disciplined, austere work and patience is required. Reality checks abound, but have the humility to embrace them. Pluto, your ruler is still empowering those born November 1st –3rd, excellent insight is yours and the powers of your intelligent will to reinvent self is significant.

 Also Neptune is creating much extra emotional response from those born October 25th –28th. Idealism in romance and creative genius abounds.

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