Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

 This can be a very sociable period for many of you and when you can really take part in collective goals successfully. After the 21st, as Mercury is in your solar 12th house, many of you will be feeling a little disorientated and alienated from others, and certainly it is important before the 21st to get important messages rubber stamped to clarify all information and not isolate yourself too much. After the 21st you may also feel a little more sociable.

After the 7th when Venus enters your sign, all born up to December 18th have a very romantic input and you are looking good, feeling good and your sociability grows. Extra charisma draws people to you and your charms enhance working life.

Before the 15th, Mars in Leo, a compatible fire sign to your own, is bringing greater drive, energy and confidence to all born after December 12th, particularly re long-distance projects, communications and in intellectual strength.

Uranus is undoubtedly still activating in a very positive way the energies of those born December 1st to 4th. You are eager for change, excitement, adventure, and innovation and for leaping into a new future, particularly creatively. Issues around the arts, sociability and offspring are likely to have an element of surprise and is liberating in some way. The maverick in you is strong but positively expressed. Intuition should not be ignored either. You are being more confident in the authentic you and being liberated from old fears.

Neptune however remains a smoke and mirror-bringing planet now if born November 24th –27th. Uncertainties, idealism, confusion and potential self deception is in the air..Make no definitive decisions till at least early next year, when the fog clears a bit This is also a time when you are vulnerable to seeing others as you want to see them, not necessarily clearly, as they are. Escapism and excessive self-indulgence will not help.

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