Tuesday, 1 October 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This is a month for creative enjoyment and celebration of life. It is sociable, can be very romantic and the creative font bubbles. Before the 7th romance and work may combine, but after the 21st many colleagues will not be reading from the same hymn book as you, which can frustrate, so ensure that vital professional communications are finalised before the 21st.

After the 7th Venus moves to your solar 7th house, and all born up to June 18th will feel the call of romance and others will be affectionate and you reciprocate. Charms exude everywhere

Before the 15th with Mars in Leo your normal intellectual expertise and eclectic communications are seriously enhanced if born after June 11th. You will be assertive in your beliefs and your thinking and will deliver effectively.

However all May born Geminis may find that in the last 2 weeks family members and domestic issues may not run too smoothly and obstructive forces are in the air. You must try and be aware of not being a bull (or twins) in a china shop.

Jupiter is currently subtly protecting finances, even if work does feel a little like an uphill struggle currently.

Uranus is enhancing of the energies now of those born May 28th to June 1st. He is bringing an extra desire to be humanitarian, slightly maverick or even revolutionary in goals, which you pursue with others. Friends and people you meet are catalysts for awakening and enlightening now and bring new consciousness. You want change; intelligent innovation in life and you can be a catalyst for this for self and others.

Finally for those born May 23rd-26th, you still have Neptune on your case.. You must finally acknowledge the power of your heart and soul which now needs honouring as much as your pure rationality. Your work needs to reflect this.. Confusions and deceptions are in the air Remember, lies walk on only one leg; even the ones you tell yourself.

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