Sunday, 1 December 2013

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

December is an incredibly sociable month for Aquarians, being the sign equating to your solar 11th house. Friends and collective projects play a powerful part, although after the 24th the season will demand a little more privacy. Love life and friendship can merge very successfully, particularly if born after February 9th, and after the 21st it may well be that love takes on a more profound note and when what really matters emerges.

After the 5th, travel may well be in the air for those born up to February 2nd, and at the very least constructive action and intelligent thought can empower your capacity to influence others. You feel on a mission and intelligent energy is constructive and inspiring. Academic pursuits are also favoured. Jupiter is in your solar 6th house now and this is suggestive of work and health being protected. Venus , after the 21st, will help you really find out what matters in friendship.

However if born February 5th to 10th, career and professional issues feel weighty and obligational, and authority figures may be heavy-duty. Saturn is bearing down on you and It is a time for reality checks and to face facts and do what is necessary, even if not easy. What you do now with courage, honesty and humility, can bring real progress in the future. Saturn brings rewards further down the line. No pain no gain.

If born around January 28th to 30th, Uranus your ruling planet is certainly inspiring you to think outside the box and to more strongly personify your innate Uranian maverick, futuristic and innovative side. You want more freedom and adventure and to assert yourself as uniquely you, in a way that gives you an edge of genius and real intuition. The alternative and the new, in terms of study, attract and you can be inspiring.

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